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We are getting closer! Check out this new update:

Saturday 22nd July, 2017
Huge Update: Saturday 10th June, 2017

Lots of new pics. Things are taking shape.

Update: Saturday 25th March, 2017
Update: Saturday 18th March, 2017

Lot’s of progress since last update. Check out the photos below.

Update: Saturday January 14th, 2017

First update for 2017! Lots of progress has been made with the internal walls all but complete. The Gyprock is up and the plasterers are now at work.



Update: Tuesday November 29th, 2016


Update: Saturday November 19th, 2016
Update: Saturday November 5th, 2016

Great progress has been made this week. Lots of pics below to enjoy.

Update: Saturday October 29, 2016

Much of the wooden framing walls and metal door frames have now been erected, including the tall framing for the spot set aside for a possible future elevator. Pics below.


Update: Saturday October 22, 2016

All the plumbing trenches have been filled in and now the wooden framing has begun to be erected for the restrooms and storage areas. Enjoy the pics and video.

Watch a video of the trenches being filled in: video


Update: Saturday September 24, 2016


Update: Saturday September 17, 2016

Great progress this last week, with contractors cutting openings in the concrete walls at Leumeah.  High risk construction work, so lots of planning, & proceeding carefully. See some pics below…



Contractor cutting core holes in the concrete walls (Core drilling wall).


Upstairs wall with core holes drilled


Cutting Fire Exit in the front wall (Cutting front door).


This bloke knows how to make an entry.


The entry is enlarged. . . .


Removing the wall, piece by piece.


Removing slabs high in the wall


Completed upstairs doorway


Saturday’s work crew tidy up.

Saturday 10 September, 2016

The first official day of Construction consisted entirely of demolition, and for our team of 14, what we lacked in finesse we made up for in enthusiasm.

Vigorous application of crow-bars, sledge hammers & jack-hammers reduced the rather sad & tired old toilet block to rubble.

Ground-crew Team Leader Joshua presided over the flattening of the main wall (instantly named ‘Jericho’) and Hannah Jones (First Aid Officer & one-woman wrecking ball) never stopped – worth three blokes!

A great first day, clearing the way for marking out & concrete cutting. See pictures below and click for larger images.



The crew planning their day

The site ready for demolition.

The site ready for demolition.

The demise of 'Jericho'.

The demise of ‘Jericho’.

End of day 1.

End of day 1.