2019 Supper & Song

If Jesus Christ abides in us, and we in Him, we can bear and share the fruit of His life (John 15:5). Through the seasons the Lord brings to our lives, He is working in us. Even through barren and difficult times, the Lord's faithfulness is our strength, and our joy in Him overflows.

2018 Supper & Song

The word of the Lord stands forever (Isaiah 40:8), and is life to us, instructing us in the way we should go. He knows and calls each one of us by name, and His plan and pathway for us are sure and full of life and hope. We may safely trust in Him, our God who is our strength, our rock and our refuge.

2017 Supper & Song

Our testimony is that when we come to God and fully give our lives to Him, He gives us of His own life, His own spirit. He comes into our lives, and we are no longer alone. We no longer need to battle things out in our own strength, for He is our salvation. When we trust Him, we do not need to fear, for He is our strength and our joyful song (Isaiah 12:2-3).

2016 Supper & Song

In His loving kindness, the God who made the universe has a life planned for each one of us. Through Jesus, He has made the way for us to know Him, to live this life, and to dwell in His peace.