Drawing all men

8 March 2020
When Jesus was crucified, He drew to Himself all men, without exception, and died for all. Therefore, all died, but the good news is...

Come to Me, you who are weary

2 February 2020
Jesus is still calling us to come to Him, join Him in the fellowship of His offering, and find His rest for our souls

Christ fulfilled the law

2 February 2020
Christ didn't only die for our sin - He took it right out of the way through His cross, making it possible for us, in Him, to overcome it, not just be forgiven for it.


13 October 2019
God wants to answer with His peace all the strife and turmoils in our lives so that we become peacemakers - sons of peace who are called the sons of God

Repentance Without Condemnation

25 August 2019
When God calls us to repentance, He pours His love into our hearts so that we can turn to Him and know His fellowship.

Safe in Christ

4 August 2019
When we abide in Christ, dwelling in and drawing our nourishment from the place of prayer with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are safe under the shadow of the Almighty.

The Joy of the Lord

23 June 2019
When God gives us His joy, and His joy is ours, His joy in us becomes our strength

Running with endurance

26 May 2019
If we remain connected to Christ through the difficulties we face in life, we are not overwhelmed but find Him healing our souls.

Satisfied in the Lord

24 March 2019
God saw your substance before you even existed. He sovereignly and lovingly fashioned each and every one of your days before any of them came to be.

Becoming accountable

24 February 2019
Who are the poor in spirit Jesus called blessed? Those who know their sin caused Jesus to suffer and that they have no excuse. They have turned to Him in repentance, trusting in His word and His life.

Not walking in futility of mind

27 January 2019
The Lord wants us to be converted from being carnal Christians to being spiritual so that we can be givers of His life to others

Be subject to the Father and live

28 October 2018
God the Father knows you in every detail. In love He has crafted your life, and if you will be subject to Him, He will heal and deliver you from all that is not of Him.

Do you love Me more than these?

26 August 2018
Jesus asked Peter, ‘Do you love Me more than these?’ (John 21:15). Most of us would have to admit that there are other things we love more than Him, but Jesus invites us to join Him in His offering and find His grace to love.

Wisdom is the principal thing

26 August 2018
The Scriptures tell us that the wisdom of God is the principal thing (Proverbs 4:7). But is it the principal thing in my life? In your life? Setting our lives on any other wisdom will only lead us astray.

Delivered from self-righteousness

12 August 2018
It's a deception to think it is virtuous merely to believe. Righteousness comes to us from God as we turn and submit to Him, for then He ministers His life to and through us by the Holy Spirit.

Release from our own law

29 July 2018
The only way to life and the righteousness of God is by the blood of Christ, given to us as we join and abide in His offering and sufferings.

Deliverance from another law

22 July 2018
Being a Christian is more than believing Jesus died for our sins. He did, but He was also bruised for our iniquities (Isaiah 53:5). What is our iniquity, and what has the Lord established to remove it from us?

The Covenant of Sonship

9 June 2018
When God appeared to Abraham, He gave him the name and capacity to be the father of every son of God who would walk by faith in the Spirit and promise of God, not in the might, power or wisdom of man.

The light of the gospel

10 February 2018
There’s no point in just knowing things about God. We need to know Him. When we turn to Christ we can see and know the light of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 4:6).